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After months of looking for a garage door in the USA, like WalkThru Doors has to offer, without success, I was fortunate to find the WalkThru Door company.

The companies I spoke with in the state where I live told me it was not possible to have a residential garage door with a pedestrian door. After my research led me to WalkThru Doors in Canada. I was in fear of not being able to get this product in the USA. I emailed Germain and he responded within 24 hours. I was so excited!!! Not only was his doors exactly what I wanted, he made it possible to get it way down in the south of the US to me.

The customer service offered from Germain and his staff was the best I've ever experienced.

They handled everything with US Customs and shipping. This was the smoothest transaction I have ever experienced.

I highly recommend Germain and WalkThru Doors no matter where you live. They are willing to work with you anyway you need to meet your needs.

Residential Door in New Jersey

We were so happy to find a company to work with to purchase a residential garage door with a pass through. We could not find any quality doors in the US and saw the website for walk thru. Germain offered amazing customer service with prompt responses to all questions, helping guide us throughout the process, locating a quality installer and delivering a high quality door that met all our needs.

Extremely satisfied with our choice and highly recommend this company to anyone seeking this solution for their home.

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