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Client Testimonials

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Harrison Bloom

"We found this company exploring the possibility for converting our old crappy garage door. We put our trust out to believe that this company would provide a door that was worth the cost we paid… and they delivered!! ! This door is extremely high quality, and so easy to customize. Germain and co were very responsive and easy to work with. Trust in this company to make a door of your dreams!"

Great Door and Experience

"Great experience from start to finish. The process was done online and email from Alaska. I started research online when I found the walk-thru garage door website. I contacted them and got a quick quote which didn’t change from start to finish. I was told there would be some time between ordering to receiving product but being it was winter in Alaska when I started I wasn’t in a hurry. Great communication from start to finish. Ended up receiving it early which was good. Install was easy, all parts and pieces came with the door. Did not have any issues and door looks and works great."

Home Owner

"I had a difficult time in SF getting my grandfather unit legalized. We were delighted to have found this option. We have had this garage door for 10 years now. I have had excellent help with service needs and concerns from the owners 10 years later. I wanted more security put on the door They responded comprehensively to me. Customer service and quality products are a must for me. Excellent!!"

We love it

"We received our order in a timely manner. These doors are custom made to your needs. Everything was in the container. Installation went great until it was realized that the wrong height of tracks were sent. We were emailing back and forth with Germain even on the weekend until it was figured out what the issue was. Germain was so responsive like I said, even on Saturday and Sunday. It was suggested to custom fit the tracks we received but that wasn't a good solution because of the angle that is needed. Germain was on it with his people and got a new set of tracks sent out to us quickly (correct length) and we were able to swap them out and the door is working great. Not everything goes according to plan, but when you have a company that has great customer service and follows up with you quickly that means everything. 5 star rating all the way."

Best Garage Investment

"The Walk thru garage door system is a convenience that pays dividends with every use. I live in a quiet neighborhood and frequently get called to work late, sometimes having to open my garage door to get tools. Instead of opening the roll up door I can go through the standard walk through door. This is great when I need to be careful about letting the dog out or am in the garage and just need to go get something outside. The door looks awesome, I can't imagine buying just a standard door ever again. The ordering and install process was surprisingly easy even during the peak of the pandemic. You can do this!!!"

"This is the second time we have gotten a garage door from WTGD and we are thrilled again. When you have a garage without a “man door” this is a perfect solution. We have been extremely pleased with WTGD’s design ideas and their patience in the design process. We had wished the door would be completed sooner but after installation it is well worth the wait."

Very satisfied!

"Very satisfied! Germain and I went through several iterations of design with his input being very helpful at arriving at the look I wanted. The terms and conditions of our transaction were complied with in a timely and professional manner. When the doors arrived, the freight package was impressive and the doors in the condition they were when they left his shop. Excellent! The installation went as smoothly as Germain had predicted. To insure complete and secure closure of the walk-through door I attached a bungee on the interior. I am very happy with the appearance and function of my Walkthru door and recommend Walkthru without qualification. Sheldon Ramsay Sun Valley Idaho"

Giles Weeden - Owner of Giles Weeden Fitness (BC, Canada)

"In the middle of last year I made the decision to move my personal training business into my new home, principally the garage. Two issues I had: 1). The business did not have its own entrance 2). The garage had no windows, and therefore no natural light After researching, the best solution for me seemed to be to get a "walk-through" garage door, even though I had never physically seen or used one. This is where I came across WalkThru Garage Doors in Ontario. I reached out to them and was immediately impressed by the timeliness of Germain's response and their overall professionalism. This put me at considerable ease that this was a company I could do business with. This continued all the way through the process. The door I now have installed even exceeded my expectations of looks and functionality. It is extremely well built and looks amazing. The lead time from placement of order to delivery was also very reasonable, especially in today's climate. Many thanks to Germain and his team for building my dream door - I would highly recommend!"

Rebecca Pantuso-Pantuso Architecture

"I worked with Germain on a project here in Chagrin Falls, Ohio area. It was a first time specification and use of their product. I can not say enough great things about his technical knowledge of the product lines, his patience in answering a great number of questions, and I LOVE the end product. My clients are happy, I am happy, and everyone in the area is swooning over this garage door. I'm confident we will solicit his services again in the future. Rebecca Pantuso-Pantuso Architecture"


"I wish every home improvement project went like it did when working with Germain and Walk-thru Garage Doors. He was a true ally and partner in our project which involved creating an unusually small garage door and dealing with squirrelly installation issues locally. Germain Gaudet provided the BEST customer service I have ever received, sharing detailed advice and perspectives to help us get the job done right and at the best price. Our walk-through garage door was installed about a week ago and I've been THRILLED every single day. It is exactly what I hoped for, and it works like a dream. It fits perfectly, the performance is as smooth as butter, and it was delivered sooner than estimated! What could be better? I LOVE this company. It's too bad I only need one garage door because this is the kind of company that you wish you could give repeat business to. :)"

The most amazing door!

"I LOVE my WalkThru Garage Door! Not only is it beautiful it is the most practical door ever! Working with everyone at WalkThru was one of the most pleasant experience! I highly recommend this company!"

WalkThru - The best pedestrian access solution

"As the owner of Lebel Garage Doors, I've been receiving an increasing number of requests for garage doors with a pedestrian access, which lead me to find out about WalkThru Garage Doors. We have just completed our very first project featuring WalkThru's product and Germain and his team, in every regard, beat our expectations. From the first conversation to the installation, dealing with WalkThru has been nothing short of amazing. These projects are not always straight forward and require a lot of fine tuning depending on the client's needs, and WalkThru has been able to assist with and answer every single question during the selection process, ensuring my and my client's total satisfaction and confidence. When it comes to the installation, I was truly blown away by the convenience of their shipping and packaging method - this installation was easier and less convoluted than any other door we've ever installed. The Garaga products used by WalkThru are well known to us for being extremely high quality, reliable products. The hardware, insulation and steel used for these doors are top shelf materials. Combined with their professional installation of the pedestrian door, this was the perfect solution for our customer looking to finish his legal basement in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It is a legal requirement by the city to have a pedestrian door access to basement rental units, and WalkThru satisfies that requirement perfectly, without ANY compromises. Unsurprisingly, our customer was absolutely satisfied with the finished product and genuinely surprised by how convenient and easy to use the door is. With this door in place, our client is now able to legally rent his basement, providing a great income opportunity otherwise lost. With all the benefits provided by the WalkThru product (top of the line insulation value, complete customization, heavy duty hardware, satisfying legal basement requirements in Brampton) it was a no brainer. Our client (and us!) couldn't be happier with the results. A literal garage door and pedestrian access door combined in one, without making any sacrifice whatsoever on either end - the perfect solution."

Perfect fit

"After browsing through a bunch of garage door companies, I decided to go with WalkThru Garage Doors and it was the best choice I've ever made. I needed a personal door , so my daughter can access her apartment which is located behind my garage and the door is perfect, she loves it. I highly recommend WalkThru Garage Doors to everyone."

Great Solution

"My garage project was to change a "drive through carport" to a functional garage. This means I needed two doors, one for the back and one for the front, but I didn't want the hassle of always having to open the rear door each time I wanted to access the backyard. WalkThru Garage Doors provided the solution. The experience was seamless from design to order to delivery and not a day goes by where I don't say how much I love this garage door."

GREAT customer service until the end

"I have been exporting building products to Japan for many years. One of my Japanese customers wanted the walk thru door garage and I researched many manufacturers. Germain stood out with every questions answered. It required some special features but Germain made everything happened. Also I appreciated that he was very clear about what he could do and what he did not recommend. So I could explain everything to my customer without gray area. It was necessary as the door was exported to Japan and I did not want any problem while installed. The door got there and completed. It looks very good. I am already getting inquiries from people who saw it. I absolutely recommend Walk Thru Door to anyone."

Germain at WalkThru made the difference!

"Spent lots of time researching and shopping for a garage door with a pedestrian door and only Germain at Walkthru doors was responsive and attentive to my many questions. The Walkthru door I choose was the only door that looked like a residential garage door and included the features I wanted, all others looked like a commercial garage door. The Walkthru door quality and insulation factor is impressive. Now my whole family is enjoying access to my workshop via the pedestrian door. I am also pleased because I’m saving energy by not having to operate the garage door opener as often as I used to."

Highly Recommend

"From beginning to end, the entire team was responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. Germain was patient and attentive to all of my questions prior to my order and quick to provide updates on the production of the door, and Christine was on top of everything from shipping to final delivery (I had some issues with the shipping company contacting me for final delivery and she remedied it right away). The quality of the door is top-notch as commented on by the local manufacturing/installation company who installed the door (they were very impressed). The installation company had never seen or installed a Walk-Thru door previously, but they were able to install it flawlessly by following the instructions provided. One recommendation I have for others is to have the installation company come out and do the measurements for you, as my door ended up being slightly less wide than ideal, but the installers were able to make some minor modifications to the opening so no one would ever notice. This door provides us with a quality of life improvement as the garage door is now the main entry point to our home instead of having to take stairs down to the entry level (we live in Laguna Beach, CA where the homes are built into the side of a mountain). Now everyone on our street wants one! Thanks Germain, Christine, and Dan, highly recommend!"

WalkThru Garage Doors

"I can't say enough good things about my new WalkThru Garage Door, I love it! I had a difficult installation in that the single car garage ceiling is very low, 6'10". Germain walked me through the ordering process figuring out what I needed and answering all my questions, showing me different styles and features. I finally decided on a low overhead rail system with a center walkthru door. I hid the torsion spring assembly in the ceiling above the door installing the entire door by myself. In the two weeks since the installation has been finished, I've had several compliments and inquiries about the door. I couldn't be more pleased about the door!"

Exceptional Product & Company

"Back in 2017 my wife and I undertook an extensive home renovation to bring our multilevel 1980s townhome up to the current City of Vancouver building code, which included installing an exit point in our personal garage. Instead of installing a door beside the existing garage door, which would have resulted in the removal of a portion of our foundation, we opted for a WalkThru Garage Door. Germain and team were incredibly helpful, responsive and professional throughout the entire process. Fast forward to 2020…. We recently had an attempted break-in, where a criminal tried to gain access to our home by prying open the walkthrough portion of our garage door. Luckily, due to the solid construction of the door frame, the criminal wasn’t successful in gaining access. However, they did manage to severely damage the door frame during their attempt. Thinking that I would need to replace the entire garage door as a result of the damage, I emailed Germain to see what could be done. To my surprise, it was an easy fix. Germain and team quickly forwarded the necessary parts and hardware to return my door to its original condition. Not only has our door operated flawlessly since 2017, when there was an issue that was no fault of WalkThru Garage Doors, they quickly provided assistance. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WalkThru Garage Doors."

Walkthru Garage Door.

"We never park our vehicles in our garage but in order to exit we would have to manually lift the door since we didn't have an electric opener. I myself felt it was inconvenient but my wife has many injuries one including her back which made it very difficult for her to do multiple times a day. While searching for a new door with an electric opener we luckily came across Walkthru Garage Doors website. It was the solution we were looking for. We purchased a black WalkThru door with 3 windows and a low/flat bottom threshold that way getting things such as our lawnmower or babystroller out would make it less difficult. In and out of our garage without having to lift the door has made it so much easier for my wife and way more convienent for both of us. The only time the door goes up anymore is when I sweep out the garage. One of the best purchases we've made. Thanks to Germain and his team for doing such a great job. "

WalkThru Garage Door…the perfect solution

"To exit the garage of my new home, you had to open the overhead garage door even when you were not going to use the car, and being located on a busy street required keeping the door closed to protect the garage contents. I searched extensively for someone who made a door in a door, which I have seen in commercial applications, but not in a residential garage door. Finally I discovered the WalkThru Garage Door website, read the testimonials, contacted Germain for a quote and proceeded with ordering a door to meet my size, style and color requirements. The door was built in the promised time frame and photos were sent to me prior to crating and shipment. The shipment to North Carolina was on time and offloading the crated door went smoothly. Due to a timing conflict with my planned installer, I decided to install the door myself and with the help of the website’s installation photos, a few U-tube videos and my neighbor we accomplished the task in about 4 hours after the old door was removed. I am very pleased with the quality of the Garaga door and the WalkThru door design and construction and, anticipating years of trouble free service."

Door and service quality 100%

"Without repeating that which has already been said, the "WalkThru Garage Door" is a first-rate quality product, with substantial benefits made by a company that is professional and caring at every step, from order, manufacturing, to installation, the service and quality exceeded our expectation as a second time 10-year user our satisfaction is 100%."

"Received my WalkThru door the week before Christmas. Best present to myself and my wife! We are so happy with the quality and appearance of the door. My installer was also very impressed. Although we had a little issue with some damage Germain was very helpful in finding a solution and we be able to fix it in the spring. The entire team at WalkThru Garage Door were accommodating and super responsive from the first e-mail to the very last. If you need a walk thru door this is the team you want."

"Stuck with it until it was solve! I actually love my WalkThru Garage Door! We had difficulties with the delivery of the door as my garage is located in the alley. The original trucking company could not figure out how to get it off the lift gate or how to get an additional truck back there to deliver. WalkThru Garage door worked endlessly to get the issue resolved. I am so thankful for their willingness to help me. I recommend them as they highly value each and every customer and the success of their project! Thanks again!"

Une expérience exceptionnelle avec Walk Thru

"Notre expérience avec WalkThru a été une des plus agréable. Nous étions à faire des rénovations et pensions replacer notre vieille porte de garage. Nous savions que nous voulions une porte de garage mais en plus, une porte adjacente qui nous permettrais d'avoir accès au garage sans avoir à ouvrir la porte principale. Ce projet était quelque peu complexe car d'un côté de la porte il y avait une boîte électrique alors que l'autre il y avait un manque d'espace pour laisser place à une porte régulière. Ce n'est que par coincidence que nous avons reçu un courriel de la part de Germain Gaudet face à un autre sujet. Nous étions intrigués par le nom de cette compagnie: WalkThru Garage Doors et c'est alors que nous avons fait une recherche et avons découvert une porte de garage des plus fonctionnelle. Une porte de matériel de grande qualité, un très bon facteur d'isolation, des vitres givrées ainsi que d'une belle apparence de finition voilà ce qui décrit le produit que nous avons obtenu. Germain nous a référé son frère, Daniel, pour l'installation et nous ne pouvions demander meilleure personne pour le faire. Consciencieux et efficaces décrivent ces personnes. Nous recommendons sans hésitations cette compagnie pour l'installation de votre porte de garage."

Walk Thru Garage Door the perfect product

"Our experience with WalkThru Garage Doors has been a very pleasant one. We were into big renovations and were thinking about replacing a very old garage door. We knew that we wanted a garage door and a single door to get entrance to our garage. This project seemed quite complex because of an electrical box on one side and not enough space to make a single entrance on the other side. It was by pure coincidence that we got an email from Germain in regards to another topic. We were intrigued by the name WalkThru so we decided to make a search. Luckily, we found the perfect product we were looking for. An amazing garage door with a single door attached to it! We are so happy with this very functional door which is well built, well insulated and now give to the house a very nice look. Germain's brother, Dan, made the installation and we could not be more satisfied. Conscientious and efficient are the words to describe the Gaudet's team. We highly recommend WalkThru Garage Doors"

Above and Beyond!

"I have a WalkThru Garage door that is now about 5 years old. I had an alignment problem caused by our older house not being as square and plumb as is should have been. The weatherstripping above the walkthru door was caught and torn by the force of the opener. After months of searching on my own to find a replacement for the weatherstripping with no success I asked WalkThru for some help. They were very kind and patient with me and we found a solution to have them ship me an extra piece of weatherstripping that they had on hand at no cost to me other than the shipping to get it to my location. Thanks to WalkThru the issue has been resolved. I can not say enough about how great it is to work with this company and deal with issues that took their time and effort - above and beyond!"

Quality Doors

"WalkThru Garage Doors is an outstanding company from quoting through final install. The support designing the door I wanted was fully supported from offsets required to additions I needed to add to my opening. The quote is all inclusive including shipping, no surprises, no extra costs. The product is very well made with excellent craftsmanship. The materials they use are of the best in the industry. When the door arrived it was crated and packed extremely well. I had full support right through my installing it myself. There was one small glitch which they rectified immediately by sending the part required free of charge and the install went perfect. The door is beautiful and fits the design of my house perfectly. I could not be more pleased with WalkThru Garage Doors."

Short & to the POINT!

"Instead of bringing of raising my garage to go into my basement/ garage thought if a WalkThru door on a garage door ever existed. Did a quick google search and this page appeared. Had to take my own measurement which was a bit stressful because I wasn’t confident in myself to take simple measurements. The team assured me numerous times that the measurement I took were precise. The team kept me updated with the process in making the door sending me pictures. Upon arrival the delivery driver was great and put it in my garage. Contacted a great company for installation and it looks great!!! I’ll recommend WalkThru to anyone looking in purchasing one!"


"I want to express my complete satisfaction with WalkThru Garage Doors, before, during and after my recent purchase of two doors. Germain responded promptly to my original enquiries about their product and answered all my questions comprehensively, providing detailed information. The installation of the doors was handled efficiently and professionally by Dan and his assistant. I am very happy with the new doors. My garage had been built without an access door to the exterior, so every time I needed something from the garage while working outside, I had to open one of the garage doors. The WalkThru Door has changed my life! After the installation was completed, I had pointed out a very minor alignment issue. Dan returned on his next trip to the area and successfully remedied this concern. I recommend WalkThru Garage Doors without reservation. A quality product provided by conscientious, efficient people."

Our Wonderful New Garage Door

"This company manufactures a very high quality, well designed garage door system. I have been in the manufacturing business for nearly 60 years and this product stands out as one of the very best I have ever seen. Our garage door is more than we hoped for. Seals perfectly, smooth operation, heavily insulated and quite beautiful. Love it!!!"

Amazing walk-thru garage door

"We did a lot of research to get a walk-thru garage door, but every company we called said that they do not offer this product, until we found this company. The reviews were excellent so we decided to go ahead. From the beginning Germain was great. He explained every detail very well, and met all deadlines. We never thought that the door was going to look as good as it looks. He have 2 single car garage and we were a bit concerned that the walk thru garage door was not going to look like our other door, but it looks exactly the same!! We are so happy with the product :) and very thankful."

Daniel walk thru door

"I had long been interested in installing a garage door, which included a person door feature. We have used our garage as our main entry point for convenience and had left the garage door open, which led to birds living and nesting in the garage and leaves and debris blowing in constantly. I finally decided to research in earnest the possibility and discovered Walk-thru Garage Doors online. I filled out the form and promptly received information and a proposal from Germain Gaudet. I was given detailed information and photographs of similar doors and decided to go ahead with the purchase. I was very impressed with Germain's thoroughness and quickness in getting back to me. As an architect, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the product, its manufacturing and delivery to Massachusetts. All the information and schedule I was given proved to be totally accurate and as the door was being installed, Germain instantly responded to a few important questions generated by the installer I had hired. The door is substantial and heavy duty, leading me to believe it will work well for a very long time. It is attractive and fits the opening perfectly. I was greatly impressed with the technical knowledge Germain showed as I have found many sales people have trouble answering technical questions and tell you they will "get back to you", which ends up being much later or never. Walk-thru Garage Doors gets very high marks from initial responses through delivery and post installation questions. No question was left unanswered. I heartily recommend this company and its owners as people I enjoyed doing business with and only wish all companies were so thorough and knowledgable about their products and support."

David peteroy

"Nice product very happy with the door Biltwell the walk-through garage door is a great feature"

Beautiful WalkThru Door

"I received my WalkThru door on time and in good condition. My contractor had no trouble installing it as instructions were clearly marked. The door is constructed very well and is well insulated, not to mention how beautiful and functional it is! I have installed it as a wall in my sunroom for winter and when raised creates a beautiful open patio. Germain was a pleasure to work with. I love my WalkThru door and highly recommend one."

WalkThru Garage Door - Excellent Workmanship

"We recently purchased 47 WalkThru Garage Doors from Mr. Gaudet and we are very happy with the speed of delivery and excellent quality of each door. Germain took the time to explain all the details of the door mechanisms and how they operate so our project would go as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend WalkThru Garage Doors."

Excellent funky walk-thru garage door added to our Boulder, CO living room

"Here in Boulder there are lots of breweries that craft their own beer. They almost always have a tasting room, and also a garage door that opens so people can enjoy the outdoors. During our home renovation we decided to add such a garage door, but we also wanted to be able to walk through it without having to lift up the entire garage door. So after much research and searching we found Germain who was excellent, very specific and detailed, and although this door was manufactured and being shipped from Canada (and not locally), we went ahead with the order. Overall we are pleased with the outcome. We had to order the highest quality insulating glass (Boulder restrictions) and fabricate an expensive granite threshold, where the door seals at the bottom. At the end of the day, this product was much less expensive and seems good quality, and most local places could not even fabricate it. My only concerns are: the lock/handle doesn't feel super strong/industrial. Also, our place is very windy and we weren't comfortable with the included spring since I think a serious windstorm might yank it out (so we don't have a great solution for this other than to keep a dog bed that will cushion the door from flying open). Overall, however, we rate this a 9 out of 10!"

Beautiful and functional home upgrade

"Working with Germain and his team was pleasant and flawless from beginning to end. The unique product/service they provide meant going outside of the US was our best option. That can be a little unnerving since it's a considerable amount of money on the line. But between the excellent reviews I read online and Germain's quick and thorough responses to all of my questions, I felt as good working with them as I would have with a local company. It is clear Germain is an expert at his craft and he truly cares about delivering the highest quality product. After having nearly completed the door, he realized there was a slight manufacturer flaw - a very subtle crease across some panels that I never would have seen from the picture that he sends prior to packaging and delivery. He alerted me to the situation and his team replaced the panels even though that meant extra rework. I was so appreciative of his high standards and honesty - that is just so rare to find. The door is now installed and it is perfection. And functional which is a winning combination! I would highly recommend working with them!"

"I did a search on the internet to find a walk through door on a overhead garage door. I didn't even know if such a thing existed, but that is when I found "walkthru garage doors in Canada. I did contact the company and ended up buying one. I installed it with my son-in-law's help and found out it was easier than a regular garage door. The quality is superb. Very glad I bought it. Marion in Kokomo, In."

Nice product

"It's alway a bit dicey to buy a product sight unseen from a distant source. However the walk thru door arrived as promised and both looks good and works very well. Walk Thru doors was easy to work with and clearly knew what they were doing."

Pilates Studio Door

"I contacted Germain several months ago inquiring about a “Man Door” incorporated into my garage door for access to my new Pilates Studio. I obtained several quotes from other local companies and they always came back saying that they didn’t do this, or it was difficult to find or install, or when I did get a quote it was outrageous. Thinking Germain would not be interested in coming to the Niagara area since he is near Windsor, I thought I would try. I am so glad that I did, Germain had many recommendations since I really didn’t know what I would need for our climate. We changed the order several times and he was very patient, we finally settled on a design and colour and placed our order for a price that was less than half of the other companies in my area who were willing to “try and do a Man Door”. It took 6 weeks for the door to be manufactured, Germain’s Brother Dan and his associate came to my home, took down the old door and rail to dispose and installed the new door in only 2 hours. To say that I am pleased with the service, product and result is an understatement. I would not hesitate in recommending Germain to any of my friends and family, it was an easy and seamless transition to my new door, I am proud to say that I have a WalkThru Garage Door. I get many compliments, my customers can now access my studio through the front and don’t have to come into the house. I love my new door and it lets a lot of light into my studio, very happy! Thank you Germain."


"Absolutely LOVE our doors from Walk Thru!! We needed custom walk through doors for our barn venue project. Customer service was top notch! Germain walked us through each step, answering all of our questions and giving recommendations. The process from ordering through delivery was seamless. The doors are absolutely perfect! Our installer was very impressed with the high quality of the doors and the extreme care in crating them for shipping. Would highly recommend this company to anyone!"


"I spent a good deal of time planning to buy my WalkThru Garage Door. Germain was always responsive, detailed, and personable when helping me design and order my door. It was delivered as designed, and was obviously crafted with care and craftsmanship. My installer remarked on the quality of the base door and the expertise of the WalkThru door as well. It fit, it works, and we love it. I would highly recommend the company, the product, and the people."


"Working with WalkThru Garage Doors was a delight from start to finish. Germain and his team could not have been more helpful and supportive. And when the products arrived Voila - truly beautiful craftsmanship - we could not have been happier."

A great experience from start to finish.

"Despite there being a substantial geographic distance between the install in Toronto and the manufacturing of our overhead door in Windsor, the process was seamless. The product met and exceeded all expectations - both from an aesthetic and operational perspective. I would have NO hesitation to work with WalkThru Garage Doors Inc. again."

WalkThru Garage Doors was excellent!

"The process of ordering a custom door via email and phone was not stressful at all. Germaine at Walk Thru was extremely professional. Once I received my door and hired installers, the door fit perfectly. I have had my door for 2 years now and have not had any problems with it. I love my Walk Thru Garage Door and was one of the best investments I have made for my house."

"I have been purchasing WalkThru doors for 2-1/2 years from WalkThru Garage Doors. It is a great relationship. Germain is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The product that they provide is exceptional. I never get customer complaints. Fabulous communication and is always ready for delivery on schedule. I have only seen one other walk thru door that was made and I was disgusted with the finished product and would not consider dealing with them."

"Bottom line is that we are thrilled with the product and experience. Germain, the owner, spent significant time explaining and working through all the details and options related to a pass through door garage. He then worked with our installer to ensure exact measurements and fit prior to the order going through. Germain gave updates and photos of the produced produce and then worked with us on shipping date to ensure it matched availability of the installer. It arrived exactly on the day expected and in the condition expected. It took 4 hours or so to install, and looks/works great. Very professional and would recommend him/Walk Thru Garage Doors to anyone looking for this kind of product."

"Very helpful thru out the entire process, product was without doubt one of the best on the market. Color matched up perfect and fit was true"


"Being a builder, finding good trades and suppliers is one of our most difficult tasks. I couldn't have been more pleased with my decision to work with WalkThru Garage Doors. From the initial order to the install, they have been excellent to work with. Great communication and great effort to ensure I was completely satisfied. The product is excellent and of top quality. I look forward to working with them again in the future."


"Every fall I bring a lot of seasonal items into the garage . With my old garage door ,the mice would find their way in . With that big opening with the door open. Now with the Walkthru Door the opening Has a sill plate and is not this huge open entrance inviting every rodent in the garage every fall. The thought of giving up wall space for a man door was out of the question. this door solves that problem. It makes easy access to my backyard all year. My wife feeds the birds and keeps all her bird seed in the garage .So she fills her containers with seed and now goes thru the Walkthru Garage door to the backyard instead of halling all her containers of seed thru the house to the sliding glass door to go to the backyard . The build quality is A1 and the R value is higher than most walls. I love My Knew Walkthru Door. Wish II had it years ago."


"After months of looking for a garage door in the USA, like WalkThur Doors has to offer, without success, I was fortunate to find the WalkThru Door company. The companies I spoke with in the state where I live told me it was not possible to have a residential garage door with a pedestrian door. After my research led me to WalkThru Doors in Canada I was in fear of not being able to get this product in the USA. I emailed Germain and he responded within 24 hours. I was so excited!!! Not only was his doors exactly what I wanted, he made it possible to get it way down in the south of the US to me. The customer service offered from Germain and his staff was the best I've ever experienced. They handled everything with customs and shipping. This was the smoothest transaction I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Germain and WalkThru Doors no matter where you live. They are willing to work with you anyway you need to meet your needs."


"We had one these Walk Thru doors spec'd on a job, and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about it. I've know there to be a lot of garage doors with issues, old and new, so the thought of cutting into one and adding more hardware and moving parts seemed like asking for trouble. That and the fact that it was shipped in from out of town. My fears were unfounded. Right from ordering through to installation and even on to follow up service (on something we broke) there was not one issue. The product is ingenious and very well put together, and they stand behind it. Would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my customers."


"Just had a delightful conversation with Germaine, owner of the company. He was so respectful and educational. Other garage door companies that I talked to today snickered at me like I was a stupid woman for wanting a door in my garage door. I will definitely be purchasing from them when my garage conversion is finished."


"I highly recommend WalkThru Garage Doors. Germain explained every step in detail until I was comfortable with my knowledge of the process. He had direct communication with company who was doing the installation throughout and was easily accessible at all times to answer any questions. The door was completed and delivered in the time frame Germain gave me- even a little sooner than expected. The door looks fantastic and functions exactly as advertised!"


"I spoke directly with the owner on several occasions because I was nervous about ordering a product from Canada, and because it needed to be precisely manufactured to fit the exact garage opening. I was very happy with how accessible and responsive he was, and how accurate his shipping dates were. This transaction was a pleasurable experience from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone wanting a custom WalkThru garage door."


"The entire process from the initial request for a quote through to the finished project was done very well. My interactions with Germain and his team has been great. Very nice to work with, honest and accurate communications. There could have been many issues with an international shipment, but the team at WalkThru Garage Doors has worked hard on this process and they follow the shipment through each step until you get it installed at your location. Just a great team to work with and the product speaks for itself. It is well built and looks great. Well done!!"


"One is improper sizing. But Germain Gaudet doesn't allow that to happen. He makes sure through numerous emails and picture exchanges about sizing and aesthetics that you get the right door for your installation. The second way is shipping, which Germain has limited control when it comes to damage by the shipper. This company is a great role model in the business world. If all companies were run this way, well, maybe it'd be too boring and we'd have nothing to complain about. I could not be happier with my new walk-thru. My house was built with no room on the garage side for a conventional access door. This solution was spot on. The door and hardware are heavy duty and fit like a glove. Excellent insulation. The sealing strips that go around on the outside are tight and wind free. All the five star comments here are well deserved. Buy with confidence."


"Was "walked through" the process of determining the final product with good advice. Walkthru delivered as per schedule. Install went smooth. It all fits and is clearly well made (good insulation too). You get what you pay for. Now we don't need to open the garage door 5 times a day to let the dogs out, with all associated benefits (better temp. control of the garage, less wear & tear on the complete garage door system and motor etc.)"


"I have wanted a walk through door for years and after researching on the internet I found Walk Thru Garage Doors and Germain Gaudet who walked me through the entire process, answered every question promptly, and even reassured me when I had a difficult time finding an installer. Germain referred me to Richard J. Miller & Sons in NJ and the installation went very well. Germain and Christine made the entire purchase experience enjoyable and the product is exceptional!! I love my new garage doors and especially the walk thru man door. Thank you Germain and Christine for an exceptional buying experience and a first rate product!!"


"When I first saw a walk thru door it was in a movie on tv. Ever since then I wanted one. When we bought our first home that was the first thing we replaced! I looked on line and found this site and began the process. I had a window of 3 months to find it and have it installed before I had to return to work. Working with Mr. Germain @ the walk thru door company was a pleasure. We ran into a small hitch with the time frame of shipping but he came through like superman to the rescue! My door was delivered to the installers company not my home,just incase I was back to work and Mr. Germain followed through with his "I will do my best" promise and my door was here and installed the four days before I returned back to work. That man kept in touch with me by e-mail daily with any concerns I had or questions he answered me as if we were family. The door is a blessing and so is Mr. Germain and his company... Love my door and so don't my neighbors :)"


"I found Walk Thru Garage Doors on the internet and really lucked out! This company is fantastic. They are responsive, knowledgable and produce a wonderful product. I was able to order my new garage door with a "man door" and also a doggy door. (Walk Thru helped me select the proper dog door from a company in Colorado and installed it with no problem. )The quality of the man door was "the best he has seen" according to my installer. Altogether, the ordering, shipping and installation process turned out to be a breeze. I would totally recommend Walk Thru Garage Doors to anyone with a requirement for this function in a residential application."


"My mother moved into our inlaw suite in the lower half of our home, but we had no room to put a private enterance door beside the garage door that we had, than we found Walkthru doors Inc on line.I talked to Germain than we checked out the web site, decided on what door would suit our home, ordered the door, had the door installed without a problem and could not be happier with the Quality and workmanship of this door. Great Job"


"We are a residential general contractor in the Chicago area. On a recent project we were presented with the challenge of replicating carriage-style garage doors on a coachhouse in a historical landmark district. Adding to this challenge was the fact that the first floor was to be a heated space and our client's request that one of the doors also serve as the entry to the space. We presented this situation to the team at WalkThru Garage Doors and they fabricated three doors that satisfied the Landmark Commission criteria of a wood exterior, included a walk-thru door in one unit which made our client happy and provided us with doors that satisfied our insulation and weather-sealing requirements. WalkThru Garage Doors completed their work for us on budget and ahead of schedule and in one project has earned a spot on our preferred vendor list."


"There is nothing to say except that the product is great looking and great quality AND the customer service is even better!!! The garage door with the pass door for a residential home is must have....and Gaudet is the place to deal with!! THANK YOU GERMAIN! I definitely made the right decision by dealing with you!"


"When I was converting a garage bay into a studio, I scoured the internet looking for the "perfect" walkthru door. As I live in snow country, where temperatures can drop to -15 F in the winter and climb to 85 F in the summer , I needed a door that would keep the interior warm and comfortable; not to hot and not to cold. I also wanted a stylish, easily operable and understated door that would compliment my home and open as a garage door or as a walkthru. It also had to have windows to keep the cold in the winter and and heat out in the summer. After much searching on the internet, phone and word-of-mouth, I found Germain Gaudet who owns Walkthru Garage Doos. Since I live in California and Walkthru is in Canada, we talked on the phone and e-mailed pictures back and forth until we had exactly the door I was looking for. After a hot summer and a heavy Sierra Nevada winter (with temperatures in the minus degrees for over a 10 day stretch) I am pleased to report that I am VERY pleased with the performance and functionality of this door. It offers such good insulation that I barely had to turn the heat on in the winter and was kept cool (without air conditioning) in the summer. The self-installation was easy and only took a couple of hours. Germain and the rest of the WalkThru Garage Door Team were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Every question was answered happily and in detail that I could understand. My door arrived on time exactly as Germain said it would. If you're looking for a no-hassle, functional, attractive WalkThru garage door to fit any need, you have found THE place to supply it! Lake Tahoe, California"


"My WalkThru door is exactly what I wanted and expected. I live in a coastal area of Texas, where my home is on raised pilings. The Cars are parked underneath the home. The walkthru door allowed me to enclose the "garage bays" under my house without compromising a bay for a front door. The walkthru gives me the best of both worlds - a front door and a garage bay for one of our vehicles. Working with Germain Gaudet was a pleasure. I struggled with contractor concerns on meeting Texas windstorm requirements for coastal areas, but Germain was with me every step of the way. He went out of his way to find a manufacturer in Florida that sold braces to help protect garage doors from hurricane force winds. He modified the doors to work with the braces and shipped everything right to my door. My contractor was impressed with the quality of the door and packing. I use the door every day and just love it! I would recommend this door and Germain Gaudet to anyone in Texas, or anywhere else for that matter!"

To The Gaudet's Team,

"For years we have used the garage for many things, mostly as a passage way to get into the house. The trick was not to lift the door up all the way, so the inside of the garage wouldn't influence the neighbors about my housekeeping abilities. That all changed when it was decided to replace the two single doors with one. Not the housekeeping, the way we enter thru the garage. By searching the web for "a garage door with a walk through door" I came across your web site. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about something that would put my house into the 21st Century but I found dealing with your knowledgeable team enjoyable. I was amazed at the quality and workmanship of both doors. Your delivery staff was helpful as well making sure we assembled the door right the first time. It's amazing how popular the door is now. If you look close you will see that the door handle is not the one provided. I had to change it to a lockable knob for the time being until the curiosity levels off. I had people I knew, and knew of, just walk into the garage looking at the construction of the door. They had to see how the walk thru door stayed together when it opened and still folded when the large door was opened. Simple and effective. Thanks again"

Mr. Gaudet,

"I asked Gaudet's Aluminum for a quote regarding the installation of a railing a couple of years ago. While at my house, you noticed I had no side door entrance to my garage. You then explained the concept and the many advantages of a Walk Thru Door. I was sold on the idea immediately! Even if I had a side door on my garage I would still want the Walk Thru Door. With the Walk Thru Door I no longer have to worry about any passers by inspecting the contents of my garage - they can't see them. My children have no problem using the Walk Thru Door and all my friends are amazed at the convenience and accessibility it provides. Our garage door has been opened approximately fifteen times in the last two years, while the Walk Thru Door is used on a daily basis. Having the Walk Thru Door has virtually eliminated the need for the use of our garage door. I would like to thank Gaudet's Aluminum for introducing me to the Walk Thru Door. It is definitely a piece of technology I can never be without. Mr. Gaudet, you will always be greeted with a smile at my "door"."

Great investment

"Germain and his crew rock! We finished our basement and the city was requiring we add an egress. We had bids of 10k and more to cut windows in our foundation and add window wells, steps etc. After a little investigation, we discovered the city would allow us to convert our garage door to a normal door, however, this would have required us to frame the opening of the garage and reduce the opening to a small doorway. I found Germain and Walkthru Garage Doors via Google. This solution saved us thousands and allows us to keep the functionality of our garage door. The ordering of the door was simple. The product and engineering are superb. Cannot recommend this company more highly."

Great Product and Outstanding Customer Service

"We had been using our garage door as our main entrance for years and leaving the garage door open most of the time we were home. This lead to moisture problems when it would rain and leaves in the garage in the fall. I had considered adding a door but that would have required moving my electrical service. Then I found WalkThru Doors. I had my local garage door installer measure and order the door for me since I live in Texas. The build quality on this door is incredible. The shipping container was the same high quality. You can tell someone really cares about the product. I have been very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend WalkThru Doors. About 2 weeks ago I had to replace a window in the door. That is when I met Germain and found out about their incredible customer service. Germain provided the window at no cost to me other than shipping. Thanks for a wonderful product and outstanding customer service!!"

A wonderful Purchase

"We have a full basement that we have divided up into several rooms. One for sewing and laundry, one for my large work shop, and one, soon, for our hot tub. We also keep bicycles and other items in the basement too. While the furnace is the size of a mini auto; our basement was always cold. Our property is sloped; on the west side at basement level and on the east side is our garage door No man door. As a matter of fact no rear door to our yard [on east side] at all. The garage was always cold; so cold the 1/4" polyethylene water line to our 1st floor refrig ice maker freezes up in Winter. With our new door from WalkThru we can access the back yard without having to open the whole garage door as we did in the past. In fact, we haven't opened the garage door in the past 5 weeks but we use the walkthru door every day. With an R-16 rated garage door the basement is warm and comfortable now. The hardware provided is good quality. The two windows are energy rated double glass. I waited several months to write this review till we had a few days down in the 30's F. Germain was patient with me changing the design several times. Also we added a 1-1/2" port so I could run a garden hose or extension cord out without opening the garage door or the man door. [this keeps mice and chipmunks out] Several friends were impressed with this idea. I got an expandable rubber plug from Amazon. The door was packaged nicely and our installer had all the hardware that he needed. All in all, thanks to Germain, the quality of the product, we have full year round use of our basement."

Residential Door in New Jersey

"We were so happy to find a company to work with to purchase a residential garage door with a pass through. We could not find any quality doors in the US and saw the website for walk thru. Germain offered amazing customer service with prompt responses to all questions, helping guide us throughout the process, locating a quality installer and delivering a high quality door that met all our needs. Extremely satisfied with our choice and highly recommend this company to anyone seeking this solution for their home."

Very satisfied

"Germain did a great job walking us through all the considerations and options, and then worked directly with our carpenter to get the exact measurements. He was very flexible in the delivery schedule so I could line up the installer on the day of the delivery. It came as advertised and went up in 4 hours or so from start to finish. Super functional and great looking. Cannot say enough positive about it."

Great product, fair price

"I really needed a separate exit for the in law addition unit. Instead of using the garage door every day, I was looking for a walk through the garage for a few months. I seached online, and called some company, which either Couldnt do it or charged very expensive. I am glad I found Gaudet’s WalkThru. Professional solutions just with a few pictures. Half price less than what I had found. Takking to Germain, the owner, was sincere and efficient. The door is becoming the main entrance to the house for my family, make a big house like a two-family house. My installer said he had never seen this door installed residentially, and he took a lot of pictures for his ADs too. Good quality, everything fits well, just the key board for the password does not work very well now, I should fix it later. Thank you for the good product!"

Good product

"I needed a simple, safe access and exit through the garage, but without having to handle opening of overhead door so frequently, especially in case of power outage, or some other emergency. I am glad I found Gaudet’s WalkThru. It definitely is the solution I was looking for. Communication with Germain, the owner, was sincere, efficient and he was able to accommodate every need. The door is already serving its purpose. It is becoming the main entrance to the house not only for me, but for everybody else in the house. Good quality, sturdy, everything fits well, no missing parts, installed in less than a day. It is perfect and everything I expected it to be! Thank you for the good product!"

Great Product

"I don’t normally write reviews but I think Walk Thru Garage Door deserves it for their professionalism and for a job well done. We’ve been using our garage as our day to day access into our home. I was searching for ideas in the internet how to get in and out without opening the entire garage doors-must have a curb appeal, conserves energy and at the same time within my budget. After months of searching, I found and emailed WalkThru Garage Door and I got a prompt response from Germain, the owner. Germain sent me some design options, pictures and quotations. He patiently responded to all my questions and explains everything into detail, he’s very knowledgeable, creative and he even reminded me of Ontario Building Codes. Overall experience with WalkThru garage was very positive. Germain and his brother Dan that installed the doors were professionals to deal with. The doors were delivered and installed ahead of schedule. Dan and his crew Steven did a good job of installing the doors. We made a right decision of choosing WalkThru Garage Doors, the doors looks AMAZING and functions as we needed, we are pleased with the outcome and getting compliments from our neighbours and friends. To Gaudet's team - THANK YOU and GREAT JOB !!!!"

Just what I've been looking for

"After 3 weeks of use, the door amazes and pleases each time we "walk thru" it --and that's often. The detailed measurements Germain requested led to perfect fit and function. Very patient with all my questions. Electronic keypad is a must. One of the better home improvements we've ever done. Love it!"

Wonderful Addition

"Great customer service, a perfect fit and color match, easy installation. Some of the great things about doing business with WalkThru Garage Doors. The delivery process was easy and the door was delivered within the time frame promised. I had a wonderful overall experience."

Very Pleased

"I needed a replacement window and they took great care of me. As with the original door purchased a few years ago from them, Outstanding quality and service very step of the way"

Great addition!

"When we added on to an existing home and made the garage a tuck-under, we failed to include an outside access door. Because of this, every time we needed to go from the garage to the outdoors, we would have to open the garage door. Freedom at last! With our WalkThru garage door we can fill the bird feeders, take out the garbage, and do yard work without wasting electricity OR having a huge hole in the side of the house, losing heat or cooling. It is smooth, looks great, and even the color is an exceptable match to the other garage door. We are very pleased!"

WalkThru Garage Doors

"I ordered the walk-thru Garage Door just about a year ago. This product is great and looks as new as the day I received it. The door itself is sturdy and strong. Germain is the name of the salesperson I dealt with. He is very knowledgeable and was able to hook us up with an installer."

WalkThru Garage Door - Excellent Workmanship

"I am 100% satisfied with the work WalkThru Garage Doors Inc. did for me. Germain took the time to explain, in detail, the processes involved. The door was ready to be installed in roughly four weeks. Germain’s brother Dan and his assistant did great work, very professional and left the place spotless. I would highly recommend WalkThru Garage Doors Inc. to anyone requiring this type of garage door. Money well spent!"

Great service

"Although it was never my intention, I must have proved to be one of the most difficult customers Germain has ever met. I put what seemed like a million questions to Germain before ordering my door, and he answered all my questions patiently. Then, last minute I changed my mind about the door color. Turns out Germain had already ordered the door. But, upon my request, he was kind enough to order a brand new door in the color of my choice. He agreed to put up with the headache and expense of storing the original door until some unknown time when another purchaser would buy it off of him. He was quick to reply to my many inquiries and although firm with regards to his pricing, he was fair. You are in good hands with Germain, and his brother who installed my door."

YES!!! Because ...

"1. Builder said NO to a pedestrian door 10 years ago. 2. You can heat your garage in the winters and NOT lose massive heat. 3. Leading BC garage door companies all refused and one asked for $9,000! 4. Measure right and your door will be 100% perfect. 5. Packed in a solid container. 6. Every installer you call will want the job and take recognition for what they did NOT build. 7. Easy access in and out without any noise. 8. Added a wireless doorbell that rings into the bar downstairs. 9. Easy to install like any other garage door but thicker and stronger. 10. Customer service from Germain was second to none."

Very Professional and good quality

"After months of searching for what I wanted, I came across Walk-Thru and they were able to make what I needed for my house. Germain walked me through every step including what to measure on my existing door that I was replacing. He was able to save me money as well by using the rails from my old door. He sent me progress pics of my door being built and let me know when it shipped. I found my own installer and everything worked out perfectly. I get many compliments on my garage door. If you want a garage door with a man door built in, Walk Thru Garage Doors is the place....even if it has to be an international order."

Ryan Greenwood

"I recently had a door installed by Walk thru doors inc. and was impressed with the finish product converted from my old door. Thanks to Germain and Dan for all their help and advice with the quality product they installed."

Low-Profile Threshold, WalkThru Garage Door

"I recently purchased and had installed two garage doors from WalkThru Garage Doors. One garage door had a center-opening walkthru door, with the new, low-profile threshold design. The other was a matching door without the walkthru door. From beginning to end, online purchase through installation, the process was efficient and seamless. There were no installation surprises and both doors were installed in less than a day. The installers commented several times about how well the doors were packaged and shipped and the exceptional quality of the doors and the installation hardward. Now that they have been installed, they operate beautifully and meet all my expectations. I could not be more pleased."

WalkThru Garage Door - A Great Product!

"Our special-order, WalkThru Garage Door was just installed this week and we couldn't be more pleased. Based on the Frenchporte Door style, it provides the convenience of the WalkThru we were looking for in addition to a very attractive and unique appearance. Germain kept us informed throughout the process and answered our questions and addressed our concerns at every turn. We highly recommend."


"We were very lucky when we found your company. We had called every garage door company around, in our area in Alabama, looking for a walk thru to no avail, then we found Mr. Gaudet and WalkThru Garage Doors on the internet. Mr Gaudet walked us through every step from start to delivery. We contacted Posten's Overhead Door Company in Pinson Alabama and they sent an installer out to install the door. The installer was able to get the door up with no problems, even though it was the first walk thru door he had ever installed. the door looks and fits great. We are 100% satisfaied with our door and your product!"


"I never thought this was possible and then I found WalkThru Garage Doors. My experience with WalkThru Garage Doors because of Germain Gaudet was exceptional. It is real important to not only receive a finished product, but I find that it is a real value when a company is willing to educate the consumer through each step that is being taken. I am now looking into 2 doors for our new home and have already had the privilege of a genuine conversation to help steer our direction with Germain. Wow… if only all businesses cared about their customers in the same fashion!"

Southern Outpost

"It was a tremendously affirming experience to source a Walk Thru door from you. The design and vision of the product is only matched by the care and personal attention you offer to the customer, it's all a truly exceptional communicative and supportive process at every stage. This door is a 3-panel 9ft wide and installed in a common construction block style home. It is one of the first of its kind to be installed in Florida, and causes favorable comment and interest. It was custom-built to the precise measurements we supplied, delivered as promised and installation was straightforward. It is the best investment we made to this house as it provides a stylish (and well-insulated - which is just as important as in Canada!) solution to the problem of a garage that is presently in use as a work/storage room. Now the space can be considered as instantly convertible between garage and accommodation, preserving the amenity of both. For our area we also needed a hurricane bracing kit on standby and jackshaft style lifter will complete the package by providing s space saving option to eliminate 'the third rail.' We wish to thank Germain and all at the company for what they do and equally, the attentive way they do it. You can have confidence that all the similar reviews here are true and reflect an exceptional product and service."

"I had a predicament: my wife wouldn't back her car into the garage for fear of hitting the garage door or my car! We had a double car garage with a 16ft wide overhead door, plus a conventional walk through door into the garage, but we only ever parked one car inside - it was just too tight to get 2 modern wide cars in! So I started looking around for a solution. I came across Walk-Thru Garage Doors, it looked ideal. I got rid of the conventional door, which allowed me to open up the garage car entrance to 18ft, I bought and installed a fully insulated 18ft Walk-Thru Garage Door which now allows us to park both cars with ease and we still had the convenience of a pedestrian walk through door into the garage. Another added bonus is that the door is very well insulated and keeps the garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Thankyou Walk-Thru Garage Doors for your excellent well-made product which was delivered and your great customer support!"

Baltimore Walk Thru Garage Door

"My wife found the WalkThru Door on the internet. We were constantly opening and closing a noisy garage door that shook the entire house. We knew we needed to either have major construction or find a garage door with a door in it. There was no other way to get out the back of the house to visit our son and his family who were only 50 yards away. We found Germain Gaudet and his company, he assessed our needs, we gave the measurements, 6 weeks later he delivered the door personally. It was installed this week. Not only was it convenient, but with the insulation and the proper sizing it transformed our garage into a new room. We deeply appreciate the high quality of the door, the insulation makes a huge difference, and the WalkThru door makes life much simpler and more pleasant. Thanks"

Wonderful Walk Thru Doors

"Great product. On budget. Ahead of schedule. Those words are music to any contractors' ears. When we had the daunting task of providing (3) carriage-style garage doors for the construction of a carriage house in the historical preservation district of Evanston, Illinois, we turned to Germain and his team. Are we glad we did. The doors fulfilled the stringent criteria of the preservation committee, provided the required R-value and pleased the heck out of our client. And, oh by the way, the walk thru function incorporated in one of the doors works flawlessly. Our thanks to Germain and the people at Walk Thru Doors for being part of a successful project."

BEST service and Product

"We ordered a door sight unseen as a matter of fact it was the first door of its type that Germain had made. After many emails and photos of the space and style we decided to trust Germain and go for it. NOT one bit of regret the door fits the space and architecture perfectly. Wonderful customer service and follow up. The Tyler’s in Boston are Thrilled"


"This company has awesome products and awsome customer service."

My Favorite Garage Door

"Firstly, Germain is not only an excellent salesman...but he stands by his product. Yes....the product is AMAZING. I previously had a garage door with a pass door that was constructed of wood. Over the years, the door was subjected to all the elements of weather - rain - humidity - snow etc. The door really took a beating and the pass door was giving me nothing but headaches. However, I love the convenience of the pass door. I did a lot of research - and found Gaudet Garage Door Co. - They make the garage door with a pass door that is constructed of double insulated steel. I absolutely love it. I wish I had known about this when I put the wood door in......I would have definitely went with the steel. It not only looks functions beautifully. Nothing negative to say. Germain is great, the product is great, and this story has a very happy ending!!!! Thank you Germain!"

Innovative product. Good service.

"This was the perfect solution for our garage-turned-playland. We wanted a door which could remain down most of the time to protect the kids and insulate, but still let in light and allow us to enjoy a beautiful view. The WalkThru door was the perfect fit. After several communications with the owner, who answered all my questions, I made a deposit. Soon thereafter, I found out I was moving and had to pull the order. WalkThru Door was very understanding and provided a full refund. I would definitely recommend them as a quality and ethical company with a great product."

My Walk Thru Door

"When it was time to replace my two garage doors, I was looking for something a little different. You See...I was always opening and closing my garage door to walk through the garage(didn't matter if the car was in there or not). So I asked around and was told Gaudet Aluminum walk thru garage doors was the place to go. After talking to Germain Gaudet,I was convinced a walk thru door was the right choice for me...Once my new garage doors were installed...All the neighbors would come over and comment on the quality and workmanship, not to mention ..."What a great idea" ... I Love my walk thru door ....Thanks Germain !!!"

WalkThru Garage Doors

"I had some odd measurements and very low ceiling height to deal with.Ifound Walk Thru on the web and called Germain. He was very helpful and I ordered a door that was a perfect fit and quality.I am very pleased with my purchase. Harrolds Auto Body, Vandergrift PA. USA"

WalkThru Garage Doors are outstanding

"My WalkThru door was installed almost a year ago and I do not know how I managed without it. I use it several times every day, have not lifted the large doors more than once or twice since I got the Walkthru. The quality of the doors is outstanding. People who visit comment on how great they look. The insulation helps to maintain a more comfortable garage temperature than before. The large windows changed the garage from a dungeon to bright and useful. In addition to a fantastic product, Germain Gaudet provides wonderful customer service, answers questions in detail about the WalkThru options, payment policy and delivery schedule. I wish he had other products I could add to my house as dealing with him was such a pleasure."

Gaudet's WalkThru Garage Door

"The WalkThru Garage Door we purchased is an ideal solution for our house. We park in the rear of the house and either had to walk to the front, or up a flight and a half of stairs to get into the house. The WalkThru now allows us to use the Garage as the main way into and out of the house. The Door we ordered fits perfect, was shipped on time and works as promised. We highly recommend Gaudet's if you are looking for a WalkThru Garage door."

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