WalkThru Garage Doors by Gaudet's Aluminum Ltd

"Working with Gaudet's Aluminum Ltd. has been truly a wonderful experience. In all my years in the building industry I have never experienced the level of dedication, patience, quality and honesty that I found with Gaudet's Aluminum Ltd. I highly recommend anyone in the industry that is looking for a high quality garage door with the unique WalkThru feature, to try out their WalkThru Garage Door products. There isn't a company out there that can surpass their level of commitment and attention to your project".

John Graminski
Director of Purchasing
Porten Homes
Rockville, Md 20852


To The Gaudet's Team,

For years we have used the garage for many things, mostly as a passage way to get into the house. The trick was not to lift the door up all the way, so the inside of the garage wouldn't influence the neighbors about my housekeeping abilities.

That all changed when it was decided to replace the two single doors with one. Not the housekeeping, the way we enter thru the garage.

By searching the web for "a garage door with a walk through door" I came across your web site. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about something that would put my house into the 21st Century but I found dealing with your knowledgeable team enjoyable.

I was amazed at the quality and workmanship of both doors. Your delivery staff was helpful as well making sure we assembled the door right the first time.

It's amazing how popular the door is now. If you look close you will see that the door handle is not the one provided. I had to change it to a lockable knob for the time being until the curiosity levels off. I had people I knew, and knew of, just walk into the garage looking at the construction of the door. They had to see how the walk thru door stayed together when it opened and still folded when the large door was opened.

Simple and effective. Thanks again

Tom Kissel


Mr. Gaudet,

I asked Gaudet's Aluminum for a quote regarding the installation of a railing a couple of years ago. While at my house, you noticed I had no side door entrance to my garage. You then explained the concept and the many advantages of a Walk Thru Door. I was sold on the idea immediately! Even if I had a side door on my garage I would still want the Walk Thru Door. With the Walk Thru Door I no longer have to worry about any passers by inspecting the contents of my garage - they can't see them. My children have no problem using the Walk Thru Door and all my friends are amazed at the convenience and accessibility it provides. Our garage door has been opened approximately fifteen times in the last two years, while the Walk Thru Door is used on a daily basis. Having the Walk Thru Door has virtually eliminated the need for the use of our garage door. I would like to thank Gaudet's Aluminum for introducing me to the Walk Thru Door. It is definitely a piece of technology I can never be without. Mr. Gaudet, you will always be greeted with a smile at my "door".


Ken Fox


Dear Mr. Gaudet,

We just wanted to write and thank you and your staff for providing and installing our new WalkThru Garage door. This new door has been perfectly customized for our specific needs.

Because we use our garage entrance as our main entry into our home, we use the center WalkThru door several times a day. By having the door centrally located, both of our vehicles are unaffected by the opening or closing of the WalkThru, which is a blessing, especially with children. The door can be easily opened or closed without hitting or damaging our vehicles.

Our new garage door was also very useful this winter. We use a woodburning stove to heat the garage. With the WalkThru door, we could easily come and go without losing any heat unlike before when we had to open the full garage door. Our garage door opener is also grateful for the new WalkThru because now it is being saved from too much wear and tear. And finally, we find that we leave the garage door closed more often which is definitely a security and safety advantage.

We can't speak for other people, but your concept of the central WalkThru door has been perfect for us. Friends and neighbours have also mentioned the attractiveness our new door!

With sincere appreciation,

Alain Lamarche

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