WE'LL HELP YOU WalkThru it!

We at Gaudet's Aluminum Ltd. have been supplying the "WalkThru Garage Door" for over 10 years. The original product has undergone several upgrades, resulting in the best possible product. The upgrades have been completed to improve the overall elegance of the product as well, increase energy efficiency and structural stability.

We feel that the product needs to be elegant in order to be well received by residential customers. The residential customers set their demands high and our "WalkThru Garage Door" far exceeds their expectations. The commercial customers relish in the same high quality well put together elegant product.

We recognize that a great majority of manufacturers, distributors and dealers have some connotation of similar products. Having recognized that, upgrades to the original product were also geared to the fabricator in order to simplify the installation process.

We have improved the methodology of accessorizing sectional garage doors with our "WalkThru Garage Doors". All of our components in our kits are of the highest quality and are pre-finished.


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