Q: What thickness of panel is your product compatible with?

A: We are able to accessorize most 1 3/8", 1 1/2", 1 5/8”, 1 3/4", 1 7/8” and 2” thick panels.

Q: What are the size limitations of your product?

A: Our product is very flexible in size, location and swing directions. Regardless of the overall height of the sectional door, the "WalkThru" will only affect the bottom four panels. The "WalkThru" component can be placed to the left, right or center. The door can swing from the left or right.

Q: What makes your product superior than your competition?

A: Our products are of the highest quality. The WalkThru is elegant for residential use while being rugged for commercial installations. The extruded aluminum moldings are pre-finished with a baked on white Duracron. These same moldings are made to accommodate bristle weather-strips that compress against one another when the door is closed to minimize air infiltration and maintaining energy efficiency.

The continuous aluminum piano hinge is predrilled and painted white. Vertical lift or hi-lift installations are no longer a problem. We carry a flush mount paddle/deadbolt handle. This type of handle needs no extra clearances. Our methodology is proven to be easier than all other systems in decreasing assembly time allowing increased profitability. Each of our kits includes an Instruction Manual to ensure that the fabricator is successful with the installation.

We make the entire kit available as an all-inclusive product, freeing up valuable time for purchasing departments. Our WalkThru kits are made specifically to accommodate the intended product. Therefore, there is now need to attempt to fit and make due with some “Universal” product that requires additional fitting and fabrication.

Q: Would you be prepared to provide training to key people in our organization?

A: Yes. We offer all manufacturers a thorough training demonstration. We offer this service in our facility.

Q: As a manufacturer, we know of a few of our dealers that already deal with you directly and have done so for some time now. What is your position on servicing these dealers should we accredit your product with ours?

A: In all fairness to those dealers, we would hope that you would agree to allow us to continue to service them in the same manner. However, should we be successful in providing our products and services to you as a manufacturer, we will direct all inquiries to your representatives. We have been very successful in obtaining the respect of dealers and manufacturers as we have responded to their inquiries in that manner. We explain to the dealers that we are to be called upon by them as a support team should technical questions need to be answered. However to obtain product directly from Gaudet's Aluminum LTD without passing through your representatives is not proper. Ultimately, the decision will be yours as the manufacturer.

Q: As a manufacturer of overhead doors, why should we consider making your product available to our network of dealers and distributors?

A: We are of the belief that this feature will continue to increase in demand. The “pass doors” of old had limitations to them and were often troublesome, difficult and primarily set in commercial establishments. The modern pass door, the "WalkThru Garage Door" is the answer to the increase popularity. Many distributors and manufacturers have seen the need to make this product available to dealers. They insist on providing their dealers with all the tools required to ensure market share in their respective territories. They want their dealers to respond and compete with other dealers of competitive products without tying one hand behind their backs. We recommend that you get involved as soon as possible to maintain dealer confidence and your market share.



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