Q: Do you have representatives in all regions of North America?

A: No. However Gaudet's Aluminum Ltd makes its product available to several distributors and manufacturers that in turn offer it to their dealers throughout North America. Some of the local dealers should have access to the "WalkThru Garage Door". Should you be unsuccessful in locating a source for our product, we are prepared to work with you in order to satisfy your needs.

Q: Are these types of doors insulated?

A: Yes. The garage door panels utilized as the basis for the "WalkThru Garage Door" are steel or aluminum skinned with a high-density polyurethane core. The polyurethane provides a greater insulating factor than the polystyrene.

Q: Is this feature available in any size door, single or double door.

A: Yes. We can accommodate any size garage door. The opening sizes vary from one area to another. We can accommodate any size.

Q: Can windows be incorporated in the garage door?

A: Yes. However there are limitations. We can provide some types of window styles in the garage door as well as the "WalkThru".

Q: Can your product replace my existing door, leaving the tracks in place?

A: It may be possible to leave the existing hardware, providing the existing door thickness is compatible to the new door. However the springs will have to be re-sized in order to balance the new door properly. We do recommend that the entire assembly be replaced in order to ensure a quality product.

Q: What determines the location of the "WalkThru" in the garage door.

A: Your pedestrian traffic patterns from the outside to inside your garage will govern the most appropriate location of the "WalkThru" be it left, right or center.

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