The WalkThru Garage Door has so many useful benefits and features for the work place or the home. More and more, workplaces are in fact the home garage and the WalkThru Garage Door solves many privacy and pedestrian traffic issues.

The work place has developed into utilizing the garage / overhead door as the main entrance for the occupants. The garage / overhead door may be raised several times throughout the day for the simple passage of employees, visitors or deliveries. The lifestyle at home has also developed into utilizing the garage door as the main entrance.

When garages are not being used as a work place, we commonly arrive at home, open the garage door with our remote controls, park the car in the driveway and enter the home via the garage door. The children will come home from school or play and enter through the garage.

Many garages have an alternate entrance to them. However we have commonly disregarded them as a viable entrance. Usually due to their location, off to the rear or side of the garage with other obstacles in the way. We tend to take the easy way in, not fumbling with gates and privacy fences, or barbeques left in front of that alternate door.

The first beneficial feature of the WalkThru Garage Door is being able to enter into the garage from the driveway without having to open the entire garage door. This is a convenience feature, much like a sliding door on most of today's minivans. For a premium, the owner can have a second sliding door to conveniently load and unload their treasured passengers; keeping in mind that there is no payback with these high priced options. No better fuel efficiency or more passenger or cargo space. This is a mere convenience feature.

The convenience feature of the WalkThru Garage Door comes with many subsequent advantages.

• A simple key to the deadbolt gives you access to the garage.

• The garage door stays down; therefore the contents of the garage are not exposed to the neighborhood or passers by.

• The WalkThru component swings outward. It should never have any obstructions in front of it. The more traditional entrances into the garages commonly have obstructions placed in front of them, prohibiting passage.

• As an entrance to the garage within the garage door, a tremendous amount of space is economized. Wall space and floor space where another entrance would have been is left for the use of the occupant for storage.

• In the event of a power failure, one can always enter or exit the garage via the WalkThru Garage Door.

An inherent feature of the WalkThru Garage Door is the energy conservation, which in turn means dollars saved. The time spent to open and close a swinging door is significantly less in comparison to the time for the larger garage door to be raised and lowered. The reduced hot or cold air exchange between the garage and the exterior, results in a reduced energy recovery expense to re-heat or re-cool the interior space. Also reduced is the energy expended by the garage door opener by not requiring it to open in all access situations. Wear and tear on the garage door opener is also reduced, extending its useful life greatly.

The WalkThru Garage Door provides its users with a significant safety advantage. With no other point of entry to the garage but the WalkThru in a garage door, an intruder has to put himself in full view, in the drive way, in order to attempt to gain entry into the home. The WalkThru Garage Door opens to the exterior, so a good stiff kick or shoulder to the door only closes it more. In order to break in, one would have to pry outwards with adequate tools in full view of the neighbors. The other more traditional entry doors to the garage have often been a preferred point of entry for break-ins. The WalkThru Garage Door would prevent that from being the case.

The WalkThru Garage Door is an excellent product that helps it's owners to save time and energy dollars, while providing a safe and very attractive point of entry to their home or place of business.

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